Unidentified Remains Austin, Texas UP72461

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Unidentified Remains
Unidentified Remains

Unidentified remains found in Austin, Texas on August 1, 2020

Sex: Male
Race: White-Caucasian
Age: Adult – Pre 40

Map of area

On 08/01/20 at approximately 1537hrs, construction workers with Colorado River Contractors were working to clear a wooded area on the east side of northbound Ed Bluestein Blvd. A bulldozer was working down an embankment approximately 8-10ft away from the roadway. The bulldozer traveled from north to south on the east side of the embankment to clear debris. The bulldozer then drove back and traveled from north to south again on the west side of the embankment to clear debris. As they were traveling south the second time, the worker noticed something rolled from the top of the embankment down to the bottom to the west of where the bulldozer was and the worker immediately stopped. The worker then exited the vehicle to see what fell and he found what appeared to be a human skull. The worker then immediately called 911. Law Enforcement arrived on scene and confirmed the remains were human. The decedent was pronounced on 08/01/20 at 1554hrs.

Contact: Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office (512) 854-9599
Agency Case Number ME 20-04609 Robin Dwyer, Chief Investigator

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