Unsolved Crimes

Lynsey Chainhalt – Murdered Phoenix, Arizona

Case Details

On Saturday, June 14, 2003 at approximately 2:05 a.m. Lynsey Chainhalt and three of her friends were driving on I-17 near Greenway Parkway in Phoenix when the suspect vehicle cut them off. There was a verbal altercation and Lynsey with her friends were followed to the area of North 20th Street and East Grovers Avenue. The suspects then fired multiple times at the victims’ vehicle causing Lynsey’s death and injuring her friends. The suspects fled in the listed vehicle. Investigators have listed Ricardo Sanchez-Molinares and
Fermin Gomez as persons of interest as they may have information that will assist the case.



Video Transcript

At least one person knows it was exactly what happen at me a ruthless murder 19 gunshots to a car striking Lindsay chained halt in the head a homicide unsolved 17 years later she was worthy and she deserved a chance in life she would have done good things and that’s why I’ll never stop trying to get justice for Lindsay was barely 20 her mom Judy tells me she was smart determined a tried and true friend with a great heart and that’s why Judy and the Phoenix Police Department are not giving up the search for the murderer who took this young life my first day of cold case I wasn’t given this file retired Phoenix Police Detective William Shiro was on Lindsay’s case for the final eight and a half years of his
career I mean even though I’ve been retired three-and-a-half years I still think about this case especially on the anniversary date it was June 14th 2003 a Saturday around 2:00 a.m.
Lindsey was the designated driver for three friends on their way home from a party in the East Valley as they were going northbound on i-17 somebody in a dark-colored Tahoe blazer threw a beer bottle at them the suspects car followed Lindsay to around 20th Street and Grover’s where three Hispanic men got out and fired 19 rounds into the victim’s car killing Lindsay injuring the others
the suspects then fled the scene there are no known witnesses to the crime except Lindsay’s three surviving friends who were too drunk to be able to identify the shooters numerous leads have been followed by police none have been substantiated the physical evidence wasn’t really there to assist us is to say who did it detective Shira says there is still hope for the case starting with two persons of interest Ricardo Sanchez Molina race or bucho and Furman Gomez or many have come up in interviews involving this case and are both suspected to have gone to Mexico after the incident mom Judy hopes all these years later someone will come forward with information I just don’t know how if you had any knowledge of something like this something so brutal for people you know for kids how you can keep that in for the remainder of your life yeah how do you do that if you have any information regarding this case contact silent witness at for a doe witness or leave an anonymous tip on the silent witness website at silent witness org you will remain anonymous and could earn a cash


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