Hilton Clark – Murdered Boston, Massachusetts


Hilton Clark – Murdered Boston, Massachusetts
Hilton Clark – Murdered Boston, Massachusetts

After their 18-year-old loved one was shot and killed in Mattapan on Saturday night, a family is distraught. Hilton Clark, they claimed, was a senior in high school who was expecting his first kid.
“I can’t put my head around it because I’m still in shock because he was only a baby,” she says. “He was innocent and now he’s dead,” a family member explained.

He was slain just a few blocks from his grandparents’ house, where he spent most of his time when he wasn’t playing football, his favorite sport.

“He was a lovely young man, that’s all. “And we’re suffering, as we should be,” the family member continued, “but we’re going to stay strong as a family and we’re going to let his legacy go on.” “We want people to understand that this isn’t a statistic, that this isn’t just another fatality,” said the group. Someone snatched from our family as well as our community.”

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