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Aaron Crews – Murdered Portland, Oregon

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On March 20, 2004, shortly after 2 a.m., Portland Police Officers responded to 535 NE Columbia Blvd on a report of a stabbing. The location was Helena’s Place, a club which was divided into a bar side and a dining side with a dance floor. The police officers found Aaron Crews, who had been stabbed multiple times, at the club. He was transported to the hospital and he died several hours later.

Aaron was at Helena’s Place with his girlfriend and had left the dining/dancing side to go over to the bar. While there, Mr. Crews was involved in a one-on-one fight with another male subject. This fight escalated when several other men and women began assaulting him and Mr. Crews was stabbed.

Realizing he was stabbed, Mr. Crews tried to return to where his girlfriend was sitting. Before he reached her location, he was assaulted by another suspect, who hit him, knocking him down. This suspect was joined by another suspect and they stomped on him while he was down on the floor and started hitting him with folding chairs.

With the arrival of bar security, the crowd dispersed and the involved suspects left the club. Customers in the bar area of the club witnessed the assault and stabbing of Aaron Crews. Other customers in the club witnessed the subsequent assault near the dance floor.

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10 months ago

Jesus some people are absolute scum. A mob of people ganging up on one man. What a bunch of cowards. RIP

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