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Ted Bundy relished the publicity his killings drew, and many in the United States were more than eager to oblige him. His hunting zone was the western United States, where an unknown number of murders—mostly of college-aged women—were reported from Washington and Oregon all the way to Utah and Colorado. Bundy was captured and convicted of abduction in Colorado, but he eluded capture and fled to Florida, where he killed several times more. The alleged murderer served as his own lawyer during what is thought to be the first televised murder trial, sought interviews, and boasted of the following he had acquired, and Bundy’s eventual arrest and its aftermath attracted the attention of the nation. In 1989, he was put to death in an electric chair.




  • Karen Sparks (age 18): Bludgeoned and sexually assaulted in her bed as she slept; survived
  • Lynda Ann Healy (21): Bludgeoned while asleep and abducted; skull and mandible recovered at Taylor Mountain site
  • Donna Gail Manson (19): Abducted while walking to a concert at The Evergreen State College; body left (according to Bundy) at Taylor Mountain site, but never found
  • Susan Elaine Rancourt (18): Disappeared after attending an evening advisors’ meeting at Central Washington State College; skull and mandible recovered at Taylor Mountain site in 1975
  • Roberta Kathleen Parks (22): Vanished from Oregon State University in Corvallis; skull and mandible recovered at Taylor Mountain site in 1975
  • Brenda Carol Ball (22): Disappeared after leaving the Flame Tavern in Burien; skull and mandible recovered at Taylor Mountain site in 1975
  • Georgann  Hawkins (18): Abducted from an alley behind her sorority house, UW; skeletal remains identified by Bundy as those of Hawkins recovered at Issaquah site
  • Janice Ann Ott (23): Abducted from Lake Sammamish State Park in broad daylightskeletal remains recovered at Issaquah site in 1975
  • Denise Marie Naslund (19): Abducted four hours after Ott from the same park; skeletal remains recovered at Issaquah site in 1975
  • October 2: Nancy Wilcox (16): Disappeared in Holladay, Utah; body buried (according to Bundy) near Capitol Reef National Park, 200 miles (320 km) south of Salt Lake City, but never found
  • October 18: Melissa Anne Smith (17): Vanished from Midvale, Utah; body found nine days later, in nearby mountainous area
  • October 31: Laura Ann Aime (17): Disappeared from Lehi, Utah; body discovered by hikers in American Fork Canyon
  • November 8: Carol DaRonch (18): Attempted abduction in Murray, Utah; escaped from Bundy’s car and survived
  • November 8: Debra Jean Kent (17): Vanished after leaving a school play in Bountiful, Utah; body left (according to Bundy) near Fairview, Utah, 100 miles (160 km) south of Bountiful; minimal skeletal remains (one patella) found, were positively identified by DNA as Kent’s in 2015
  • Caryn Eileen Campbell (23): Disappeared from a hotel hallway in Snowmass, Colorado; body discovered 36 days later, on a dirt road near the hotel
  • Julie Cunningham (26): Disappeared on the way to a tavern in Vail, Colorado; body buried (according to Bundy) near Rifle, 90 miles (140 km) west of Vail, but never found
  • Denise Lynn Oliverson (25): Abducted while cycling to her parents’ house in Grand Junction, Colorado; body thrown (according to Bundy) into the Colorado River 5 miles (8.0 km) west of Grand Junction, but never found
  • Lynette Dawn Culver (12): Abducted from Alameda Junior High School in Pocatello, Idaho; body thrown (according to Bundy) into what authorities believe to be the Snake River, but never found
  • Susan Curtis (15): Disappeared during a youth conference at Brigham Young University; body buried (according to Bundy) near Price, Utah, 75 miles (121 km) southeast of Provo, but never found
  • Margaret Elizabeth Bowman (21): Bludgeoned and then strangled as she slept, Chi Omega sorority, FSU (no secondary crime scene)
  • Lisa Levy (20): Bludgeoned, strangled and sexually assaulted as she slept, Chi Omega sorority, FSU (no secondary crime scene)
  • Karen Chandler (21): Bludgeoned as she slept, Chi Omega sorority, FSU; survived
  • Kathy Kleiner (21): Bludgeoned as she slept, Chi Omega sorority, FSU; survived
  • Cheryl Thomas (21): Bludgeoned as she slept, eight blocks from Chi Omega; survived
  • February 9: Kimberly Dianne Leach (12): Abducted from her junior high school in Lake City, Florida; mummified remains found near Suwannee River State Park, 43 miles (69 km) west of Lake City






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