Chicago’s Mile of Death

The Chicago’s Mile of Death is a square mile located in south Chicago where on average one murder has taken place each month for the last ten years.  For a full list of victims visit Chicago’s Mile of Death Victims

Chicago’s Mile Of Death
Chicago’s Mile Of Death

The victims of Chicago’s Mile of Death

The majority of the victims are black (87%) and male (90%). The majority (82%) are 29 years old or younger with the highest death rate for those between 20 t0 29 years old.  92% of the victims were killed by a gun. 15% were under the age of 19.

Murders per 100,00 people

The murder rate for Chicago’s Mile of Death in 2021 was 270 per 100,000 people,  this is based on the zip code average of 9927 people per square mile for zip codes 60619 and 60620.  To put this imperceptive the estimated average death rate for the US was 6.9 per 100,000 people in 2021.  This makes the death rate in Chicago’s Mile of Death 39 times higher then the national average.

Murder rate by year

YearMurders per 100,000

Statistics of the Murders

  • 92% were killed by guns
  • 43% of the victims were between the ages of 20 and 29
  • 90% were male 10% female
  • 97% were black 3% white
  • 6 were considered domestic violence
  • 76 of the crimes have gone unsolved
  • 20% of the crimes happened on Friday

2021 the Worst Year

The worse year for murders was where 27 or 22% of the murders happened.  This is equal to one murder every two weeks.

The Area

Chicago’s Mile of Death lies in zip codes 60619 and 60620 located in the South Side of Chicago along East 79th street. The residence are 98% black and


New victims added Monday to Friday.

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