White Female Murders in Chicago up 50% in 2022

The number of homicides in major U.S. cities is decreasing in 2022, but not for all groups, white females in Chicago is one of those groups where the murder rate is rising. As of November 28, 2021 there were 6 white females murdered in Chicago, as of the same date in 2022 there have been 9 white females killed in Chicago. This represents a 50% increase in white females murdered in Chicago but the details show two complete different pictures.

White Female Murders in Chicago

2021 Murders

  • Nichole Osborne – Tourist murdered by a man who was AWOL on misdemeanor reckless conduct charges.
  • Anat Kimchi – tourist murdered by a homeless man who stabbed her in the back
  • Juanita Holliman – murdered by her live in son
  • Ella French – police officer murdered on duty while performing a traffic stop
  • Tyler Clark – murdered while driving
  • Yvonne Ruzich – murdered while being car jacked

2022 Murders

  • Dyan Nickerson – killed by neighbor Thomas Diskin who claimed she was the devil
  • Nakayla Scott – reported as murder-suicide
  • Jennifer Hamilton – murdered by estranged husband
  • Amy Bustos – reported as murder-suicide
  • Alexus Pedraza – killed by a man at party during an argument with another female.
  • Amy Brown – stabbed to death during a fight in the south side
  • Angela Zamarron – found murdered in her home
  • Melissa Mondie – reported as murder-suicide
  • Frances Walker – landlord killed by a tenant

The Increase

The 50% increase can easily be identified in 3 murder-suicides and not to an increase in random attacks. Five of the six murders in 2021 were random or committed in other acts of violence while only two of the nine murders in 2022 fit this category. In fact seven of the 2022 victims were killed by a family member or a well know acquittance. This represents a complete change in the type and motive for white females killed in Chicago in 2022 vs 2021.

Are White Females Safe

White females in Chicago are relative safe from the perspective of being murdered by a stranger, however this is only when looking at murders by strangers and not other violent crimes such as rape, assault, robbery, etc. which we will review in another article shortly.

Female Safety

It’s important for all females, no matter the color of their skin, to stay safe so remember these tips and for a complete list visit this LINK.

  1. Stay alert
  2. Lock your car and home doors at all times
  3. Always tell others where you are going
  4. Believe your female intuition, if you don’t feel safe leave
  5. Go out shopping, dinner or drinking with a trusted friend
  6. Carry your purse close to you at all time
  7. Use valet services or ask for an escort to your car
  8. Always park in well lit areas
  9. Get your drinks from the bartender and watch them pour it
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