Who is Ronald Dominique?

Ronald Joseph Dominique is an American serial killer, rapist and murderer who killed at least 23 young men and boys in the state of Louisiana from July 1997 to 2021. He is believed to be one of the more prolific offenders in the area. On September 23, 2021, Dominique was convicted and given several life sentences without parole for the crimes. A judge called the case “appalling and revolting” and said that the victims “should have been taken off the streets and killed.” Authorities also believe that he may have killed as many as 20 other people.

Ronald Dominique

There are a number of theories about how he acted and why he killed so many people. Some say that he was a sexual addict addicted to cocaine who became addicted by abusing other drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamines. Others believe he was bipolar, suffering from depression and thought the world was against him. Yet others believe that he may have been suffering from a rare mental disorder, a symptom of which is killing. Whatever the reason, there is little doubt that Ronald Dewayne Dominique lived a gruesome and horrendous life.

In his brief trial, he claimed to have killed all the victims because he thought they were possessed by the devil. His defense attorney, Frank Leonelli, said that his client was sane and did not think the dead were demons. He maintained that his client was a law-abiding citizen who enjoyed killing people for fun and did not want to spend a day in jail after being found guilty of killing at least three of the victims.

Ronald Dewayne Dominique is believed to be responsible for at least 35 murders. Police records indicate that he was arrested several times for assault, battery, burglary, drug possession, disorderly conduct, theft and possession of counterfeit money. However, most of the crimes were committed outside of Yosemite National Park. There are also a number of unsolved cases in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Miami Beach, Milwaukee and Sacramento. These cases have left many questions unanswered; especially those related to the motives of the serial killers and their victims.

Many researchers believe that the serial killers are not purely mad and that they could be afflicted with other psychological conditions. They were likely influenced by several factors including stressors such as unemployment, financial problems and family disputes. There is also evidence that some serial killers were actually acting out a fantasy or mental image of a terrifying crime that they had personally experienced.

Ronald Dewayne Dominique’s first trial resulted in a hung jury. The jurors voted to convict on the sixth attempt. The conviction was overturned on appeal and a new trial was ordered. This time, the jurors no longer felt that there was sufficient evidence to justify a murder conviction.

Ronald Dominique was convicted of being a participant in a double homicide. It was ruled out that he had planned the killing; however, he did participate. The prosecution was able to link him to at least two other serial killers because he had a hair sample with semen from one of them. However, Ronald had maintained his innocence throughout. There were rumors that other serial killers also frequented his apartment.

He served about eighteen years in prison before being paroled. He is currently on parole and has no known ties to other serial killers. Some of his former coworkers in the Yosemite National Park have maintained that he may still be alive and is responsible for other crimes. But whatever the truth may be, the real question still remains – who is he and why is he still free? Find Out Here!