Who is Gerry Ridgeway?

Gary Ridgway, better known as the Green River Killer is an American serial killer whose name and deeds have become synonymous with the cold-case killing spree. He was originally convicted of over 48 separate murders during his career. However, he has always maintained that those deaths were not his fault, and that the victims were victims of circumstance. Ridgway has been described as a calculating and ambitious serial killer, who spent many years searching for bodies or Trace Evidence to prove his guilt.

Gary Ridgway

Police Chief Richard Thomas said that Ridgway had long talked about catching his quarry and often fantasized in prison about how he would confront his victim. This was particularly true since Ridgway often had a short attention span and frequently failed at his tasks. Police Chief Thomas said that Ridgway often thought he was the prime suspect in a case, but was actually working with the police instead. In one case, he had been a suspect in the cold-case murder of a woman who was found dead in a garbage can. He claimed that she had been strangled.

Ridgway became obsessed with the case, reading everything he could get his hands on about it and talking to anyone who would listen. He claimed that he had a source inside the law enforcement agency, but would not reveal it. Eventually, he was arrested after a brief chase through several states. A search of his home uncovered nothing of interest, and Ridgway were taken into custody. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and face up to life in prison if he is found guilty.

Though he claims to have no prior criminal record, Ridgway has been linked to at least three other serial killers. Jackrecyickers John Wayne Gaddy, and Richard Souviron were also connected to each other, and each claimed to be the prime suspect in their own series of murders. None of the suspects have been proven guilty, but all three were tried and convicted of different crimes.

What is more curious about Ridgway is that he seemed to be a loner. Police detectives initially believed that he was the serial killer that killed his mother and sister. However, neither of them were ever found. Their bodies were never found, nor were any fingerprints found linking them to the crime. Aside from this, there was no concrete evidence tying him to the crime.

There have been several theories that have been proposed as to what really killed his victims. Some say that he was a serial killer obsessed with collecting serial numbers, others think he may have been a necrophilous serial killer because he used some body parts as weapons. There are also a lot of stories involving ghosts and hauntings. There are even websites devoted to the investigation into the life of Gerry Rutteway.

A number of investigators think that Ridgway was most likely the victim of a satanic ritual or some other cult activity. Though he was born within a short time of the serial murders that happened in his town, there is no concrete evidence that he was involved in the murders at all. One thing that he was known for was being a prank caller who was famous for his rants about God and religion. He would often do this type of periodic call on the airwaves, usually attacking religion or God.

Some people believe that Ridgway was either the serial killers themselves, or someone associated with their case. There is a possibility that he may have been one of the victims himself, especially if one of the victims was killed by one of the serial killers. However, since no body was ever found, and some of the serial killers committed suicide afterwards, this remains a possibility. The one certainty is that Gerry Rutteway did in fact help to create many of today’s modern-day serial killers. Some people believe that he may have actually known each of the serial killers personally, and he may have been responsible for their deaths in some way.