True Killers by Donald Harvey

The sensational crime writer Donald Harvey had a prolific career in the criminal arena of American journalism. He gained worldwide fame as one of the most prolific and celebrated crime fiction writers in the history of American writing. The press dubbed him “The Blades of Justice” because of his sensational stories of murder and mayhem. Harvey had a long history of working with the police and often worked out stories with them before being published. He had many successful careers as a police reporter, a magazine writer, a television producer, a book writer, and a few articles in police and legal journals.

Donald Harvey

Donald Harvey was a meticulous and methodical American serial killer and police man who claimed to have killed nearly 87 people, although official statistics are only between seven and fifteen. He was also able to do this during his lifetime as a respectable and law enforcement officer. Harvey had been working as a private detective for many years before he decided to take on the job of inspector for the New York State Police in New York City in the early 1920s. Harvey had worked in several law enforcement agencies before joining the force and had established himself as a seasoned investigator and expert in many different fields including criminal psychology, serial killer investigations, and cold cases. Harvey had gained much success in the field of police work, and after retiring, became a well-known and respected writer.

Harvey continued to write well into his retirement years. His final book, which was entitled Just Home, was his final book of fiction. This is a great example of a well written narrative by a serial killer – a detailed and fascinating account of a cold case that has never been solved. In this story, we learn about the steps that Harvey took to solve the case, and how his expertise and research paid off. As you read, you begin to feel a certain sense of closure as the story unfolds.

Harvey wrote this in two different forms. One was an introduction to a newly solved serial killer case, and the second was the tale of the man who first exposed the existence of a serial killer. It is a very interesting piece of history, and even includes parts about how the press reported the case, how the press bungled a crucial opportunity to catch the serial killer, and the legal tactics used to catch the criminal.

The second half of the book, dealing with the press and their attitude toward catching a serial killer, is quite interesting. Harvey writes about the trial that occurred, how the public and media were polarized, and what they learned from this trial. Harvey takes the reader into the courtroom and into the center of attention. There are many details in this book that are similar to other stories, but it is worth noting that the details are laid out neatly and professionally so you don’t have to guess at what is happening. I have read many books on serial killers and have always found it difficult to follow the story until the end.

The second half of the book is mostly a telling of how the case was eventually solved. The writer gives short descriptions of the clues that were discovered during the investigation, and how the various suspects were finally narrowed down to one. This part is dry, as most murder mysteries are, but it is effective at bringing some of the characters and the mystery to life. You learn about what makes the serial killer tick, and this helps make the story more suspenseful. This is an easy read, because there are only a few details to review.

In True Killers, Donald Harvey brings together his years of experience as a former police officer and private investigator. He shares with readers the way that serial killers choose their victims, and how he was able to solve the original case, using a combination of luck and technology. This is a thrilling read with lots of shocking details and images. Harvey uses his experience to talk about the problems we face today regarding the identification of serial killers. There are a lot of assumptions and theories out there, and a lot of them are just that – theories. True Killers provides hard facts to support those assumptions, painting a grim picture of what happens when serial killers are on the loose.

The main character in this story, serial killer Richard Souviron, is described as a calculating and manipulative type of man who was fascinated by power and sexual thrill. He was one of the prime suspects in the investigation because of what he did to the victim, which was attempting to disguise his body with a mask. A former student of Richard Souviron, David Bauchard, is described as the perfect candidate for solving the serial killing case. It seems that if any one can stop the killer, it will be him.