The Murder Of Juan Corona – How He Was Slept Through Death

Juan Corona is one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States. He is a local drug kingpin, believed to be the supplier of cocaine to the Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. When Escobar was murdered in Colombia by one of Juan Corona’s accomplices, he left his wife and two children in the United States to live with his associate, angers. Several years later, after several unsuccessful attempts at an escape, they were found dead in a rural field, their throats slit and their bodies mutilated. Their deaths are attributed to the work of a local drug lord called La Familia.

According to press reports, Juan Corona was a Mexican drug trafficker who was also a cocaine dealer. He was also a Mexican Mafia boss, although he claimed not to be one. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the deaths of 25 peasant farmers found dead in a shallow grave in peach orchards on the Feather River drainage in Sutter County, California. The victims had been shot multiple times with a sub-machine gun and their bodies found covered with large quantities of cocaine.

A man named Cosmo Garza was charged with the crime but escaped to elude capture. Another man named Leon Whittaker was assigned to the case but also escaped to elude arrest. Whittaker later became a well-known writer and speaker on the case. Eventually three men were identified as the prime suspects in the case; Juan Corona, Cosmo Garza, and Leon Whittaker.

Authorities theorized that Corona and Garza were involved in the murder because they had contacts in the local drug trade. Leon Whittaker was said to have hired them to kill the victims because they knew that they were connected to the drug trade and also because they were in the know. They were able to elude authorities for several months before being caught. Whittaker and Corona were also linked to at least one other case, the disappearance and murder of David Storey.

There were many theories as to why these two men were targeted. Some believed it was because they had some kind of connection to organized crime. Others thought it was because they belonged to the wrong group, or maybe they had money to offer. Perhaps it was because both were homosexual? There were even those who thought it was done because they were lovers.

The investigation continued and there were several more suspects. Authorities soon learned that the two men were linked to at least one other killing, which took place in December. That crime is labeled as the quadruple homicide. Authorities are still on the look out for others and hope to bring to justice those responsible for this string of murders. If you have any information about these murders or about this case in particular, then you should contact your local law enforcement agencies or FBI immediately.

You might be asking yourself how did they get away with it? There were some questions that still needed to be answered. What is this killer’s behavior? Why is he willing to involve multiple bodies? There are several theories about what might have led him to do this, but no one has been able to point a finger yet.

We may never know the answers, but this case will go on to be one of the most talked about cases in the media for quite some time. It is a sad and tragic story, but it is also very interesting. People from all walks of life, minors to the most powerful people in our society, are all discussing this case. As this story goes on and leads into the future, we can only hope that the truth will be uncovered sooner rather than later.