The Case Of Samuel Little – An American Serial Killer

American serial killer Samuel Little is described as a “cold-blooded killer” by police inspector Bill Patterson. His victims were all female and he chose their specific sexual parts to cut on or burn to death. He was not, however, the first or only serial killer in America. His case stands out as being far worse than the other known offenders in the United States. Although the media portrays serial killers as bumbling loners, there are in fact a select few whose acts exhibit clear traits of depraved intent. The victims were all young women, some of whom were pregnant at the time of their deaths.

Samuel Little

American serial killer Samuel Little was born in Georgia in 1940 and lived in Kansas until he was 17 years old. He was adopted by adoptive parents in Kansas and was soon studying in California. Little is said to have been obsessed with serial killers and their methods and that he enjoyed collecting implements used in the carrying out of their murders, including knives, scissors, screwdrivers and hammers, although he denied any connection with the organised satanic paedophile death cults which were active in several US cities during the period in which he was a teenager. He is said to have been obsessed with killing women because of what they represented to him, or perhaps because he was lonely and wanted to find his own thrill.

Sam Little committed his first murder while still a teenager. This occurred in Los Angeles when he took a sketch of this victim to a store intending to pick up some items for his “mother.” However, when the clerk noticed the blood spattered fabric and pointed it out to him, he realised that the man was actually committing a ritualistic homicide using a blunt object.

While working on a case in Ohio in 1977, this serial killer known as the Night Stalker targeted mostly young boys. Sixteen-year-old Johnny Morris was one of those boys. He was working as a delivery boy for a printing company in Cleveland when he was attacked by this man. He managed to flee to his car and dialed 911, however, before he could do much more than just give the operator a patch number to call a police station. The Night Stalker killed him and then later tried to strangle him to death using his bare hands.

In June of 1977, American serial killer Sam Little was convicted of the kidnap and murder of an eleven year old boy. The boy was employed as a day laborer in a printing company and was last seen alive by taking a walk home from work. His body was discovered half-naked, with his hands tied behind his back. This prompted the conviction of this man for the kidnap and murder of this child. It is interesting to note that Sam Little has always maintained that he does not remember committing any of these murders.

On the day of Sam’s trial, he noticed some discrepancies in the timeline of events surrounding the crime. On the morning of the trial, he noticed that the court reporter had written down a schedule of events that occurred on the evening of June 7th. The timing was off by several hours, which bothered the jury enough to give Sam a new trial date. During this time frame, Samuel Little had killed fourteen people, the most cases of murder in Cleveland history.

After the completion of this trial, another serial killer was added to the rolls of Cleveland’s criminal history. This time, though, the crime spree was centered on two separate areas of Ohio; Lake County and Baldwin County. In Lake County, nine people were murdered between the months of August and decober. In Baldwin County, three were murdered between the months of December and march.

The victims included three men, all of whom were in their twenties. All were known murders that were committed with knives. All but one of the victims were also mutilated prior to being killed, which made them even more deadly. There were also eleven bodies that were discovered, all but one of which were decapitated.