Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was once an American serial killer whose spree of killing spanned across six states over a ten year period. The name of the serial killer came about when a cattle auction took place in Texas where Ted Bundy lived. During the bidding, Ted Bundy snapped and killed the agent who was supposed to oversee the cattle sale, killing him on the spot. Since then, Ted has been known as the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” killer.

Ted Bundy

The name Ted Bundy is linked to the notorious serial killer of Texas, after several people were found dead along the roadsides in what seemed like random acts of road rage. One of the victims, a female jogger, had been found with her throat slit from ear to ear, and her body found dead with a bullet in her skull. Another woman, a jogger, was found with her throat slit from ear to ear with a bullet in her head too. And then there was this man, Ted, who was found dead at his home with a bullet in his chest. The motive for his murder was never really explained, but it does seem that Ted was in some kind of conflict with a stranger beside his wife, and that the act of killing spooked the stranger, who then killed him.

There are many theories as to what really happened that caused this series of murders. Was it jealousy or anger over Ted’s wife having an affair? Was it a sign of weakness in Ted, as he feared losing his wife? Or was it an act of violence, as Ted had been contemplating suicide as evidenced by his letters to his family?

There is no evidence linking Ted Bundy to a serial killer – or even a serial killing – though there are some intriguing connections between him and a local serial killer. Some say that Ted killed his family’s cook because he did not like the way they treated his wife. Others say that Ted Bundy simply enjoyed killing and fantasized the act of killing more than real. There are even those who believe that Ted was the actual serial killer behind the acts of Jack the Ripper in London in 1888. Whatever your take on the matter is, it seems that Ted Bundy had a taste of blood just as these other victims did.

The most tantalizing theory about what really happened that day in January 1988 has to do with Ted Bundy is responsible for at least one more female victim. This theory centers around the fact that Ted lived near Beverly Hills, California, which is where the Ripper committed his murders. He may have been picking on girls who lived in that area at the time. If so, there is a good chance that Ted suffered from a violent sexual abuse as a child and perhaps continues to suffer from some type of PTSD from that. If this is true, it would explain why he turned to a life of crime, using his powers of creation and manipulating women to their deaths.

If you take a look at the newspaper clippings after the serial killer was arrested, you will see numerous news reports of Ted as the neighborhood bully or school bully, which fits a very consistent image of Ted as a nasty piece of work. He is often pictured pointing at children and saying things like “You’re next if you don’t get rid of me now”. How many women actually did go on to tell their stories about what a sadistic Ted was? We will never know. I doubt that anyone who has committed any serial murders plans on writing books and telling their story to the world.

The most likely scenario is that Ted was obsessed with the fact that he was a serial killer. He may have thought he was the only one and felt entitled to live that way. He may have thought that he could pick and choose between girls that he didn’t like, as well as the ones that he did. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this man was unhappy. And even if he was only slightly obsessed, you can probably deduce that his emotional state was something other than happy.

The lack of evidence proves that Ted Bundy committed more crimes than he actually committed, not that the lack of evidence doesn’t serve a purpose. In order for us to punish him properly, we need more facts. If we have the facts, we can prove that Ted Bundy is indeed a serial killer and the only one that are going to stand in front of us.