John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy

The Trial Of John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy, also known as the Young Serial Killer was a prolific Chicago criminal and sex offender who was called the “Youngest Serial Killer”. Gacy frequently performed in children’s hospitals and other charitable gatherings as “Pogo the clown” or “Patch the clown”. He was also the star of a national TV show called The Killer Clown. This was on Fox Network at the time. His victims were mostly kids. John Wayne Gacy killed mostly young men, because he seemed like the “perfect victim”.

This man is responsible for the death of many people. His methods were truly nightmarish and truly distasteful. John Wayne Gacy had lived a life of crime that was marked with sadism, brutality and cold killing over several decades. This nightmare of a human being, went on to become the laughing stock of our nation and then finally to be executed in Deptford jail awaiting execution.

Police officials were convinced that the serial killer had committed at least five murders when they found his body in the morgue. This prompted police to form a task force to solve this crime. The task force was composed of a rotating team of detectives that were assigned to solve crimes. They even had their own personalized list of John Wayne Gacy crime victims that they took on regular patrol in Chicago and were willing to interview anyone who might have any knowledge of the crime that they were investigating.

One of the rotating detectives on this task force was Samotomy Gordon. Samotomy Gordon was a former drunk who had joined the force to solve some of the same crimes that John Wayne Gacy had committed. He had arrested the serial killer on charges of child molestation and rape, and he was a suspect in at least one other cold case. He had never even interviewed a serial killer, so he was under a great deal of pressure to prove himself right.

John Wayne Gacy’s defense attorney, Samotomy Gordon was very tight lipped about the nature of the crimes that John Wayne committed. It was believed that there were more than a few women who died as a result of being raped by a serial killer. Samotomy believed that the bodies that were discovered in the morgue were those of his wife and her lover, these bodies were identified as being those of John Wayne Gacy’s victims.

The DNA evidence that was collected from the various crime scenes did not match the profile of a serial killer. This discovery prompted the investigation of the police department. The DNA testing that was done on John Wayne Gacy’s body did match that of a serial killer. Samotomy Gordon was believed to be the first detective to close the Gacy case. He was one of the few detectives to try and connect serial killers with the bodies found in the morgue.

John Wayne Gacy stood trial for thirty-six years before he was convicted for the murders of thirteen people. During the trial, Gacy’s defense attorney, Samotomy Gordon, believed that the death sentences that were handed down on the serial killer should be overturned due to the DNA evidence that showed that he was not responsible for these murders. Gacy’s conviction was later overturned when it was discovered that the state of Texas did not have enough evidence to keep the death sentence going. The new evidence showed that John Wayne Gacy had actually been framed for the murders that took place in Texas.

There are many opinions about the events that happened in Gacy’s trial and conviction of serial killer. Some people believe that Gacy did get a fair trial and was actually innocent the whole time. There are also many people who think that Gacy is still responsible for the deaths of twelve people and believe that he is responsible for the deaths of the twenty-three people that he was accused of killing at a point in his career.