Jeffrey Dahmer

The Jeffrey Dahmer Trial – The Long Road Ahead

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most feared and notorious serial killers in the United States. He is also called the Milwaukee Cannibal or even the Milwaukee Zombie because he killed and ate parts of his victims while they were alive. He was arrested after a lengthy series of trial for the murders, which shocked the nation. Here are some of the facts about this sad case.

Dahmer was born in segregated suburb in segregated Milwaukee. His parents, who were not married, were supportive of his aspirations but his childhood was marred by trouble. He was arrested at the age of 18 after being caught with a pipe and a small amount of marijuana. After serving a three-year jail term for drug possession, he was released on parole but was immediately recaptured by the FBI.

He claimed that he was escaped convicts who had killed many people in the past and made them into food sources. Though his story was consistent, no body was ever found and no bodies were identified. He claimed to be a serial killer who used a satchel to lure his victims into his trap. His aim would be to get his victims to sleep, then strangle them to death using his bare hands.

He first gained the attention of the media and the public through one gruesome case. A twenty-two-year-old pregnant woman was found dead in her bathtub. Neighbors reported seeing a man hanging around the area who they thought was the culprit. After taking the body for testing, it was discovered that the victim was actually Jeffrey Dahmer. He had been living along the same street as the victim and had been seen by her on the day she died.

Dahmer served seven years in prison for another crime. This time he was convicted of murder and he was also held responsible for killing six other victims. He served two more years in jail and then was paroled after serving half of a seven year sentence. Prior, to his release he was routinely evaluated for violent tendencies which would have prevented him from returning to the public.

The media however reported that he was obsessed with cleaning up bodies and using their blood as a source of nutrition. Some even said that he was obsessed with getting pregnant with the bodies. His plan was to use the organs for his experiments. It would have been easy to get all the bodies for his experiments as he had a steady supply of fresh bodies from the local morgue.

Another story that circulated around the press after his execution said that Dahmer was obsessed with collecting women’s body parts in order to supply his patients with a healthy diet. Though the fact remains that he was only a serial killer, his obsession with body parts may have something to do with his being a serial killer. People who have been victims of his rage may have become his dinner guests.

The conviction of Dahmer has caused a lot of unnecessary backlash against him. His victims were his former girlfriends but the charges had nothing to do with their relationship. Some even blamed his death on drugs. Though the jury eventually acquitted him of the first-degree murder charge, his life is forever linked to the murders.

All his life, Dahmer wanted to be viewed as a great serial killer. He wanted people to admire him as a murderer more than his friendship with his former girlfriend. The only way for that to happen was by proving everyone wrong. Now that he has been executed, his friends are left to wonder if his legend is finally over.

One thing is for sure. The most infamous serial killer in the world is responsible for at least thirty-nine deaths. Though he may not live to see his name on a monument, his legacy will still live on. As a result, many young people will go on to commit similar crimes and they will be looked down upon because they have killed another person. The fear of becoming a serial killer is enough to stop most from acting impulsively.

In the end, it does not really matter what others think about Dahmer. What matters is that he took responsibility for his crimes. Though the public perception of a serial killer changes with each passing year, those who knew him well believe that he could never be a serial killer. The victims in his case were all close to him, and all of their lives were cut short by his actions. They did not deserve to die, and neither does anyone else.