Carroll Cole – The BTK Killer

Carroll Cole

Carroll Cole – The BTK Killer

Carroll Cole was once known as the “Campus Killer”. He was a serial killer that terrorized the students at the University of Texas at Austin, commonly known as the “campuses of Austin”. The University of Texas has been named to the list of America’s premier schools of business since its inception. One of the more intriguing aspects about the University of Texas is that it has links with many well-known people in the business world such as George H.W. Bush, Ross Perot, Lee Harvey Oswald, Ronald Reagan and many others.

Carroll Cole was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He was a bright student who excelled in mathematics and chemistry at Wayside High School. He was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a serial killer case that had similarities to the one that killed his parents. He was tried and convicted for killing his parents along with another man and was sentenced to twenty years in prison for this crime.

After serving a portion of his sentence, he was sent to serve time in the Texas state penitentiary. During his time in prison, he formed the Armed Forces League. This group later became the Texas Organized Crime Strike Force. While in prison, he also picked a fellow inmate, Richard Speck, to be a bodyguard in his own murder case. However, he was soon relieved of his post when the case unraveled. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

The only solid evidence linking him to the serial killer known as BTK was the clothing and shoes found in BTK’s cabin after his body was discovered. There were no shoes or clothing found outside of the cabin and none was recovered from the body. This evidence eventually led police to Carroll Cole, who they believe killed his victims. He was tried and convicted again for the second time. He was ultimately executed by electrocution in February of 2021.

A short time before his execution, detectives received an anonymous call saying that they had evidence that will link Carroll Cole to the BTK serial killer case. When detectives confronted him, he denied any involvement. It was then that detectives discovered that his address was on file in the Texas prison system. They obtained a copy of it and went to the prison to confront him there. During the confrontation, Cole raved about the work he did for the victims and their families. He also explained that he felt bad about the deaths of the three women in his past, but did not mean to involve them in his crimes.

The results of this investigation ultimately brought about the arrest of another serial killer, Larry Patterson. Police learned that Patterson was responsible for the deaths of twenty-two women in Texas between 1984 and 1986. Patterson was also known to be a suspect in at least one other female serial killing. Patterson was eventually sentenced to life in prison. Several decades later, detectives still continue to seek information about the cases he was involved in.

Many people are unaware that serial killers are not the worst kinds of criminals. There are many who commit terrible crimes, and many others who do not even know that they have a criminal past. These serial killers prey upon women in their own homes. In fact, seventy percent of serial murders in the United States are committed by acquaintances.

The BTK serial killer is perhaps one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of the US. Since his conviction, many other serial killers have come to the attention of police and the public. Two other serial killers who are remembered by the public are Ted Bundy and David Grisaffi. Both of these men were executed after the conviction of their serial killing spree. Other killers who are still on death row are Richard Souviron, David Steiner, and Richard Gutman.