John P. Wheeler III

John Parsons Wheeler III (December 14, 1944 – c. December 30, 2010), known as Jack Wheeler, was an American businessman and former White House aide. Wheeler was chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, senior planner for Amtrak (1971–1972), official of the Securities and Exchange Commission (1978–1986), chief executive and CEO of Mothers Against Drunk … Read more

Gerry Stano’s Murder Case Reviewed by an Expert

Gerry Stano’s Murder Case Reviewed by an Expert Gerald Stano is believed to be the first serial killer in America’s history. Born in 1880, Stano lived in Kansas. There he worked as a blacksmith and later as a carpenter. He had a violent nature, and was arrested for assaulting a police officer. He served two … Read more

How Should an Attorney Handle the Estate of Earl Neal?

The famous author, Allen Carr, writes a well-known series of books featuring the exploits of “The Skinny Kid” – a foul-mouthed and arrogant young man with a sadistic side that makes him an unforgettable character. His popularity soared when one of his books was adapted into the feature film, The New York Strangler. Allen Carr … Read more

Who is Ronald Dominique?

Ronald Joseph Dominique is an American serial killer, rapist and murderer who killed at least 23 young men and boys in the state of Louisiana from July 1997 to 2021. He is believed to be one of the more prolific offenders in the area. On September 23, 2021, Dominique was convicted and given several life … Read more

The True Story of Belle Gunness the Liar

The True Story of Belle Gunness the Liar Belle Gunness, also known as Brynhild Hammer, was a prolific Norwegian-American serial killer whose victims were mostly women. She was also called the Woman Who Surprised the Potomac. She murdered at least 11 people, including some children, using an arsenic-infused pillow. This article examines the possibility that … Read more

Bill Longley – Fact Or Fiction?

Bill Longley is a famous gunslinger who is well known to many people. Known as Wild Bill Longley to his enemies, he was an American Old West gunslinger and outlaw who were known for his cold, ruthless manner, quick gunmanship, and sometimes-violent temper. He is thought to have been among the most deadly gun shooters … Read more

History Of Felipe Espinosa

Felipe Espinosa is a well-known serial killer and a wanted man in the United States. Known as the Black Death Killer, he is believed to be one of the most prolific killers in American history. Known as a “professional assassin” and “hit man,” he is responsible for at least thirty-three murders committed during the Colorado … Read more

True Killers by Donald Harvey

The sensational crime writer Donald Harvey had a prolific career in the criminal arena of American journalism. He gained worldwide fame as one of the most prolific and celebrated crime fiction writers in the history of American writing. The press dubbed him “The Blades of Justice” because of his sensational stories of murder and mayhem. … Read more

Who is Gerry Ridgeway?

Gary Ridgway, better known as the Green River Killer is an American serial killer whose name and deeds have become synonymous with the cold-case killing spree. He was originally convicted of over 48 separate murders during his career. However, he has always maintained that those deaths were not his fault, and that the victims were … Read more

The Case Of Samuel Little – An American Serial Killer

American serial killer Samuel Little is described as a “cold-blooded killer” by police inspector Bill Patterson. His victims were all female and he chose their specific sexual parts to cut on or burn to death. He was not, however, the first or only serial killer in America. His case stands out as being far worse … Read more